Day-After Session in Sant Llorenç del Munt Mountains

There are many reasons why I think you should have a day-after session. On your wedding day, the couple portraits are the best moment to share your emotions, to have a little while of intimacy and tell each other how excited you are because you get to share the rest of your lives together and you just promised to grow old together! However, you  don’t usually dedicate so much time to take some photos of just the two of you. Not because you don’t want, but because everything goes so fast you don’t even realize! of course you don’t wanna miss a second of the cocktail and the celebration with your friends and family, because who would, right?!

On a day-after session, you two will have the time to go on adventure to your favorite outdoor place, to enjoy an amazing view, to breath fresh air and to feel again like king and queen in your wedding outfits! I mean, you didn’t spend all that time looking for the perfect dress and suit, just to wear it once! While you have fun exploring a new place we could make some beautiful portraits of your love, you will feel again the excitement of your wedding day, there’s no pressure of a tight schedule, you will get to express all the love you have for each other at the top of a mountain, it’s just the two of you from now on (and me behind the camera, yay!) how romantic is that?

That’s what Edgar, Carmen and I did! We went to Sant Llorenç del Munt, a natural park not far from Barcelona. They were not afraid of walking through the forest and a bit of dirt on their shoes and dress. They’re so adventurous and fun to be with and their love shines so bright! ♡


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Odet Saüc
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