You can see love every time Mélanie and Cedrick see each other in the eyes. I knew I wanted to be their wedding photographer since the first time I talked to them. The environment is something I really pay attention to, I love nature and I try to make my best to produce less waste and not to do harm to our planet. When Mélanie and Cedrick told me they wanted to do an eco-friendly wedding I was so grateful that as a photographer I get to meet so wonderful and thoughtful people.

In their daily lives, Mélanie & Cedrick try to be ethical and responsible consumers and that's exactly how they wanted their wedding day to be. Their idea was to create the decoration based on a maximum of recovery and reused things. They made all the decoration on their own and their families helped them to organize the whole place of the wedding venue, Moulin de Dampierre. It was a real team work! M&C were collecting during a whole year all the mason jars they were using in the kitchen, they washed them and re-used them to make the decoration for the tables. Mélanie loves to do DIY projects, (I think it comes from her mom who actually almost made half of her wedding dress!) and she didn't want to give the guests gifts that would be waste or just not useful. So she decided to spend some time making homemade soap with natural ingredients and used recycled paper to wrap them up. And guess what, all the crochet tablecloths were borrowed from their grand-parents, their friends' grand-parents, neighbours...her mom told me some of them dated back to almost 100 years!

Moulin de Dampierre was the perfect place for this wedding day! Less than one hour from Paris, this place had the perfect bohemian atmosphere. Their wedding was a success, everybody enjoyed every part of the day and M&C got to have their happy day, an eco-friendly wedding venue and so much love!
I'll just let you see the beauty of this love story yourselves, because images explain it better than words!

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