I’m so in love with this family home session in Lyon.

One year later after C&A Wedding, I had the chance again to photograph one of the most important moments in their lives: the arrival of their first baby.

It’s crazy how time goes so fast! Coralie & André contacted me again some months after their wedding to tell me they were gonna be parents! Nine months later, here he is, the little C. I love how these sessions allow me and my couples, see the evolution of their lives. It was so sweet to see the three of them enjoying their time together and showing me how love can be so strong.

When I arrived at C&A’s place, we had a little time talking about how life has changed for all of us since we met. Then C was ready for somme cuddling and kissing from mom and daddy. When C was a bit tired he went to sleep and we had some time to shoot some pretty couple portraits of C&A. By the end of the session, I also got to taste the delicious matcha cookies André made and finally saw their wedding albums. I love to see printed photos. These photos always become the greatest souvenirs for families and I’m so happy I can make part of their stories and help them preserve them.

I think a family home session in Lyon is the perfect idea for newborns and babies. You’ll feel comfortable and get some photos of your daily live spaces. But most importantly, you’ll be able to pay attention to the needs of your baby while we take some pretty photos. Also, how cool are these family t-shirts from Émoi-Émoi ?

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