Your wedding day is one of the most amazing and magical days in your lives and it should be treated as such. We understand choosing your photographer and videographer can be a bit overwhelming and naturally you have lots of questions. Thats why we've gathered the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get.  Feel free to contact us to reply to any other questions you might have, and of course to get to know us better :) 
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• How do you work?

Since the beginning of our exchanges we're always available and happy to talk, advice and guide you through the whole process of hiring us.

We start by meeting you and getting to know each other over a cup of coffee or Skype if we don't live in the same city.
Once you book your date with us, we will give you our wedding guide and help you with the planning. We've been to lots of weddings and we're glad to help you make the best of your day and of course have the best photos and video possible! :)

You can see how we work during the D-Day here

• What's your style?

We love to document your wedding day with a cinematic approach and a documentary style. This means we won't be telling you to pose or look at the camera. We'll be there to catch all the spontaneous moments and emotions of your day without interfering.

For the couple session, we will guide you through actions instead of giving you poses. Because we all kiss different, we all touch different, we all hug and feel in our own way. That's why we don't put all our couples in the same "box".

We like to work this way because for us, the most important is to give you the memories of your day exactly as you lived them and felt them. We want your images to tell your story as it happened. With all the laughs, tears and strong moments!

• Where are you located? do you travel?

We live in Lyon and we're constantly traveling to shoot weddings all around France and Europe. We love traveling and specialize in destination weddings, so if you're planning to have your wedding anywhere in the world just let us know and we'll make it happen!

Here's our travel bucket list!

• What is your travel fee?

We charge a travel fee depending on where your wedding takes place. To give you more details just get in touch.

If your wedding is abroad, we require accommodation and travel expenses. We can provide you with an approximative cost with your inquiry, so that you know better what expect.
That being said, we’re not complicated and always do our best to make it easier for you and find the best prices. Flights and transportation are usually really cheap when booked in advanced. We're also open to staying with you or your family/friends if possible.

• Do you have back up?

We always have back ups for our digital cameras and lenses.
After the wedding we do a back up in three different locations: two physical drives and a cloud.

• How many photos will we get? When will we get them?

The amount of photos depends on how the day goes. I always make sure you have a complete story of your wedding day.
On average you can get between 600 hundred and 900 photos. All of them individually edited and in high resolution.
The turnaround time is no later than 8 weeks after your wedding.

• How long the video will be?

The films are 5 to 7 minutes long.
You will get your video no later than 10 weeks after the wedding.


Please fill our contact form and we'll get back to you with all the details.

We need a signed contract and a 50% deposit to book your date.

• What wedding photography and videography packages do you offer?

We offer different packages for wedding photo + video, only photo or only video. Drop us a message to get all the information about our pricing and work.

We're also happy to offer you a custom package according to your needs.

• How far in advance do we need to book you?

For weddings, the earliest is always the better.
The most popular dates (like summer, fall, holidays) are usually booked very fast. That's why we advice you to book your wedding photographer and videographer from one year to nine months in advance if possible.

• Can we hire you just for photography OR videography?

We shoot like 80% of our weddings together. However, if you already have a videographer or a photographer we can provide just one of the services you need. Just get in touch and ask for our availabilities.

We love meeting other vendors and usually work closely with other photographers and videographers :)

• Do you work with a second photographer/videographer?

99% of the images you see on our website are shot just by us.
We might recommend you to have a second photographer/videographer if you're planning to have a wedding with more than 150 guests.
We offer you the second photographer/videographer option as and add-on. We will make all the arrangements for you.

• Do you offer albums and prints?

Albums and prints are the best way to keep your memories safe and see them all the time!
We offer an amazing and very high quality album selection and prints.
We'll provide you with all the information with you inquiry.

• Do you offer engagement sessions?

Absolutely and we love them!
We strongly recommend you to do an engagement session prior to your wedding. Apart from getting gorgeous photos of you two in more relaxed outfits, you will also have the opportunity of getting comfortable in front of the camera and getting used to having us around you during the D-Day. Besides, we'll have lots of fun! :)

• How many weddings per year do you take?

We like to give our best to each of our couples and that's why we take a limited amount of weddings per year.