An industrial and vintage style wedding at La Factory

Last September it was the industrial and vintage style marriage of Pierre & Sistine! We met in Lyon and we understood each other so well that I was very happy that they decided to choose me as their photographer.

It was the funniest secular ceremony I have ever seen! Their best friend was responsible for organizing a completely surprise ceremony. Beginning with the script of the film Titanic and the speech of the best friends of Sistine inspired by the film Bridesmaids, each intervention of this ceremony was thought out to make the newlyweds laugh. Then a very friendly cocktail outdoors, then dinner with entertainment that made this day an unforgettable moment for S&P and their families and friends.

Their seating plan had a real investigative job on the part of S&P. They contacted around 150 people in secret, in order to have the photos of the guests at the age of 3-4 years. Maciek and I are on it too! Find us 😉

P&S had taken the time to find a beautiful place in nature not far from La Factory, where we had a couple session just before sunset. It’s my favorite light which is so romantic and perfect for having cinematic images 🙂

I let you discover this day in pictures!

P&S love story was featured on La Mariée aux Pieds Nus

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Décoration-Meubles: Velvet Rendez Vous
Boutique tenues de mariage: Olympe Lyon
Robe de mariée: Elise Hameau
Chaussures: Sezane
Costume marié: Faubourg Saint Sulpice 
Chaussures marié: Bobbies
Noeud Papillon: Colonel Moutarde
Coiffeuse maquilleuse: Mélanie Margarian
Alliances: JEM
Lieu: La Factory – Thizy Les Bourgs
Vidéo: Maciej Gilewski
Traiteur: Évidence
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