Anne-Sophie and Jean Christophe have an amazing love story to tell. She told me that when they met, he said he was going to marry her one day, she laughed. Some years later they did, and almost six years after their wedding they have a sweet family, three beautiful girls and a home full of light and love. Anne-Sophie is a psychologist and she has a lifestyle blog La Belle Vie Family , where she shares a lot of interesting articles about parenthood, ideas for an ethical consumerism and way many other things.
Usually their mornings are very busy, with the girls running around, getting ready for school and work. They had finally a day just for the two of them (and their little baby Aimée) and I was there to capture their love in a slow morning. There was coffee, laughter, hugs and the memories of all of their adventures together. 

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La Belle Vie Family
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