Let me introduce you to Gemma and Pablo, these cool humans wanted to have some love portraits of them in Barcelona, because these two lovers live in different cities. In spite of the distance they decided to give it chance and they try to see each other as often as they can. I find it really amazing to see how strong a relationship can be. I can tell how hard it is since I’ve experienced it too. Every time they are together they really enjoy and take advantage of their time…I guess being away just reminds you not to take everything for granted, as we all usually do.


Love portraits and secret places!

Barcelona is a city full of hidden beautiful places, no wonder is a perfect place for some love portraits! Gemma and Pablo took me to a part of the city I had never visited and of course it is not on the touristic guides. We found a little forest and an a hill where we had a view of the whole city. There was nobody, just Gemma, Pablo and Me. It was an amazing couple session, we had fun together and I got to hear the beautiful voice of Gemma singing to Pablo, it was so romantic! By the way, she has a youtube channel if you’re curious about it. So here’s to long distance relationships and for those who make them work!

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